NDIR Gas Sensor

With LED narrowband light source and fast response photodiode (PD), the IR-B series NDIR gas sensor uses its fast response characteristics to achieve ultra-low power consumption, and is especially suitable for battery-powered portable and wireless gas detection equipment.


1. Ultra-low power consumption

2. Hardware resistance to water vapor interference

3. Quick response

4. Wide temperature industrial grade design


Working PrincipleNon dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR)
Detectable GasHydrocarbons (CH4&i-C4H10 dual gas calibration)
Measurement Range0~ 100%LEL
Operating Voltage3.0V-5.5V (3.3V recommended)*1
Average Power<2mW (average current 3.3v 0.625mA) *1
Operating Temperature-40℃~70℃
Operating Humidity0~98%RH non-condensing
Preheating Time≤60s
Long-term StabilityBaseline shift< 1%Fs/month
Response TimeT90 < 15s*2
Optical MirrorGold plating
Communication InterfaceUART, 1Hz (MAX)
Explosive-proof ClassificationEx ia IIC T4 Ga
Ingress ProtectionIP54
Service LifeService Life


*1.The above parameters are measured in the laboratory at 25°C.

*2.The response time is measured under the conditions of configuring a hydrophobic membrane, a gas flow rate of 500ML/MIN, and using a common calibration gas chamber. The better gas path design can reach 7S, and the natural diffusion test is 13S. The response time will be affected if the explosion-proof disc is added or the design of the fixed chamber of the sensor is different, and a reference design can be provided.