Laser Methane Leak Detector


PTZ Laser Methane Monitoring System

The AFD1000 PTZ methane leak detector system is suitable for various types of natural gas stations. It conducts 24-hour uninterrupted scanning and detection of various facilities in the stations, increases the safety monitoring of the stations, and improves the level of safety management. Each system is equipped with a laser methane detector and a video camera to obtain real-time images and comprehensive data on natural gas concentration.


1. Detection distance up to 200 meters

2. No limit to the number of preset points

3. Simultaneous login of multiple computers in the LAN

4. Starlight Infrared Night Vision System

5. Real time calibration for positioning

6. Multi-point scanning at the alarm location


Measurement Range0ppm·m ~100000 ppm·m
Sensitivity2.5 ppm·m
Response Time0.05s
Detection Distance200m
Detector LaserClass I
Spotter LaserClass III R
Ingress ProtectionIP68
Explosion Proof ClassificationExib II A T6 Gb
Operating Temperature-40℃ ~ 60℃
Power Supply220VAC
Instrument Weight30kg
Camera300w pixels, 30x zoom
Motion RangeHorizontal 360° Vertical +/—90°