Laser Methane Leak Detector


Remote Methane Leak Detector

ARD4000 laser methane detector is developed according to the needs of different users. The structural design is optimized to make it compact and easy to carry, and the optical design is optimized at the same time, taking into account product size, sensitivity and detection distance.


1. Detection distance up to 200 meters, and can detect indoor natural gas leakage in 30-story buildings through window glass, reducing the safety hazards caused by gas leakage.

2. Response time is 0.05s, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency.

3. 3ppm·m sensitivity, so that tiny leaks can be detected.

4. Weight 0.55kg, it is light and easy to carry, and is convenient for inspection personnel to operate.

5. Metal shell, ingress protection is IP68.

6. Equipped with an optical sight, which is powered by the host of the device, no need to replace the battery, and the detection point can be accurately found under the sun.

7. Two rechargeable lithium batteries.


Measurement Range0ppm·m ~100000 ppm·m
Sensitivity3 ppm·m
Response Time0.05s
Detection Distance200m
Detector LaserClass I
Spotter LaserClass III R
Aiming MethodGreen spotter laser and sight (internal power supply, no need to replace the battery)
Ingress ProtectionIP68
Explosion Proof ClassificationExib II A T4 Gb
Operating Temperature-20℃ ~ 50℃
Battery Operating Life12 hours
Power2 Replaceable Lithium Battery
Instrument Weight0.55kg
Display Screen1.8-inch high brightness LCD
Inspection SoftwareIOS and Android, PC client end