Laser Methane Leak Detector


Remote Methane Leak Detector Module

LMD series laser methane detector module is designed to be used in drone, vehicle and PTZ system to detect methane concentration in air while traveling or statically. Compared to handheld detector, the module has been optimized in terms of volume, housing material, signal processing, and data filtering to better suit different usage scenarios.


1. Modular design allows customization of external mechanical interfaces and circuit connectors according to customer needs, which is convenient for customers to integrate with existing signal acquisition systems. Mechanical fixation methods can also be customized according to customer needs for easy integration into other devices.

2. The LMD series module has a built-in calibration chamber, which automatically calibrates through commands without the need for an external chamber.

3. Small and lightweight design, with an overall weight of 400g ± 10g, and a compact size for easy access to various devices.

4. It adopts butterfly package laser, built-in semiconductor refrigerator, and standard packaging process to realize butterfly pigtail package, compact structure and small volume.


Measurement Range0ppm·m ~100000 ppm·m
Sensitivity5 ppm·m
Response Time0.1s
Detection Distance150m
Detector LaserClass I
Spotter LaserClass III R
Power Supply12V
Power≤4 W
Operating Temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃
Operating Humidity<90%RH
Communication ModeRS 485
Instrument Weight0.4kg