Laser Methane Leak Detector


Pump Suction Laser Gas Detector

AXD1000 pump-suction laser gas detector is suitable for leak detection of natural gas equipment such as surge tanks, underground pipelines, and valve wells. It has fast response speed, high sensitivity, and longer life. It can detect the concentration of methane and ethane gas at the same time, accurately distinguishing between natural gas and biogas. Due to the use of wavelength locking technology, the AXD1000 pump-suction laser gas detector does not require regular calibration, and can be directly installed on trolleys, electric vehicles, and automobiles, greatly improving leak detection efficiency and positioning accuracy.


1. Simultaneously measure methane and ethane, accurately distinguish natural gas and biogas

2. Built-in reference gas chamber, no calibration required

3. Different application scenarios can be paired with different probes for use


Gas DetectedMethane (CH4) | Ethane (C2H6)
Measurement Range0-100% VOL | 0-20000ppm
Sensitivity1 ppm (Methane) | 5ppm (Ethane)
Response Time0.1s
Battery Operating Life≥10 hours
Unitppm, %LEL, %VOL
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Explosion Proof ClassificationExib II C T3 Gb
Operating Temperature-20℃ ~ 50℃