Fixed Gas Leak Detector


Point Type Combustible Gas Detector

The GT-FGA1000L combustible gas detector adopts the world's leading non-dispersive infrared absorption principle, with advantages such as long lifespan, wide measurement range, no dependence on oxygen, and no poisoning failure. This product can monitor the concentration of combustible gases in various harsh conditions, and is widely used in various occasions where flammable and explosive gases exist, such as petroleum, chemical, oil fields, oil depots, liquefied gas stations, etc.


1. Adopting industrial-grade 32-bit PIC microprocessor, it has very high calculation and data processing speed.

2. Infrared sensor - higher sensitivity and long-term stability.

3. With high brightness LED Nixie tube display, the remote reading can be clearly recognized.

4. IR remote control, do not need to open the case for on-site operation.

5. Integrated sound and light alarm: sound ≥85dBA and 500ucd LED light brightness.

6. Intelligent self-test function.


Detectable GasCombustible Gas
Detection PrincipleNon-dispersive infrared absorption
Sampling ModeNatural diffusion
Measurement Range(3~100)%LEL
Resolving Power1%LEL
Response Time≤30s (T90)
Switch Signal5A 30VDC / 5A 250VAC
Ambient Temperature(-40~70)℃
Alarm Concentration1-stage alarm: 25%LEL 2-stage alarm: 50%LEL (self-set)
Signal Transmission4-20mA/RS485 Bus selectable
DisplayBright digital tube display, with normal/fault/alarm indicator lights
Operation Method Remote control operation
Atmospheric Pressure86kPa~106kPa
Transmission Distance≤1000m (Repeaters are required if the distance exceeds 1000 meters)
Operating VoltageDetector: 18-36VDC
Alarm Volume≥85dB
Power≤2.5 W
Explosion Proof ClassificationEx db IIC T6 Gb / Ex tb IIIC T80℃ Db
Ingress ProtectionIP65