Fixed Gas Leak Detector


Magnetic Fixed Gas Detector

The magnetic suction combustible gas detector adopts an ultra-low power infrared sensor, with a built-in battery of 5-year service life, a two-level sound and light alarm, and a liquid crystal screen for concentration display. The device has a built-in anti-theft alarm function, and has three installation methods: magnetic suction, tube holding and wall fixing. No construction wiring is required, and it can be used immediately. The wireless signal is transmitted to the controller to realize dual alarms at the refueling operation site and the business room.


1. Infrared principle, with a service life of 10 years

2. Battery powered, with an operation life of 5 years

3. Wireless transmission, no wiring required

4. Concentration display, sound and light alarm, safe and reassuring

5. Magnetic installation, anti-theft and anti-tilting


Detectable GasAlkane combustible gas
Detection PrincipleNon dispersive infrared absorption
Measurement Range( 3~100)%LEL
Resolving Power1%LEL
Response Time≤30s (T90)
Alarm Value1-stage alarm 25%LEL, 2-stage alarm 50% LEL (default value) (Can be set manually on demand)
DisplayLCD screen
Operation MethodRemote operation
Status IndicationNormal, Alarm, Fault, Anti-theft
Alarm MethodSound and light
Output SignalLoRa
Power SupplyBattery powered, uninterrupted operation for 5 years
Anti-Theft Anti-theft buckle + sound and light alarm
Installation MethodMagnetic and fixed type
Operating Temperature-40℃~70℃
Explosion Proof ClassificationEx ia IIC T6 Ga / Ex ia IIIC T20080℃ Da
Ingress ProtectionIP66