Fixed Gas Leak Detector


Wireless Gas Detector (Fixed)

GT-FGA1000W wireless gas detector adopts ultra-low power consumption infrared combustible gas sensor and wireless communication module with long-distance, low power consumption and strong anti-interference ability. It can be used for up to 6 months without interruption under the condition of battery power supply. It is especially suitable for on-line monitoring of flammable/toxic gases in hazardous areas where wiring is not possible. With flexible calibration methods, the calibration can be completed without opening the case. It can be connected to the company's gas alarm controller to display, or display alarm information through the computer.


1. Long-distance anti-interference wireless communication module, no wiring required on site.

2. On-site concentration display, sound and light alarm, effective safety warning.

3. Powered by a high and low temperature resistant lithium battery, it can last for 6 months on a single charge.

4. Ultra-low power consumption sensor, stable and reliable performance.

5. Different sensors can be selected according to flammable, oxygen, and toxic gases.

6. Standard configuration of 2 batteries for direct replacement on site.


Detectable GasHC CombustibleGas Toxic gas
Detection PrincipleNon-dispersive infrared absorptionelectrochemistry
Sampling MethodNatural diffusion
Measurement Range(0~100)%LEL(0~100)ppm (Default value, different ranges can be changed according to needs)
Resolving Power1%LEL1ppm(Default value, which can be changed according to different ranges)
Accuracy±3%LEL±10%FS or±5%FS
Response Time≤30s (T90)≤60s (T90)
Ambient Temperature(-40~70)℃(-10~55)℃
Ambient Humidity≤95%RH non-condensing
Atmospheric Pressure86~106kPa
Alarm Concentration1-stage alarm: 25%LEL 2-stage alarm: 50%LEL (self-set)Two stages alarm, and can be set according to different gas types
Signal TransmissionWireless transmission: NB-IoT, 4G, LoRa and other methods available
Operating Voltage3.6VDC (powered by lithium battery)
Explosion Proof ClassificationEx ia IIC_T6 Ga
Ingress ProtectionIP66