Gas Detection Controller

ACR4000 combustible gas detection controller is a multi-channel wall-mounted controller, easy to install and set. It adopts a 10-inch color touch screen, has a buzzer and status indicator lights, and can output switch signals. The controller can display the concentration information of combustible gas on site in real time, and send out an alarm when the concentration exceeds the standard or the sensor fails, and record the alarm information for query.


1. The core of the controller adopts advanced ARM processor. 

2. The display is intuitive and easy to understand, and the operation is convenient.

3. Intelligent protection system. 

4. Password protection. Each level of operation has corresponding passwords, effectively avoiding misoperation.

5. With RS485 communication interface, it can flexibly communicate with the graphics software of the upper computer.

6. Optional combustible gas monitoring software.

Gas Detection Controller Gas Detection Controller


Operating Voltage220VAC 50Hz
Operating Current1.5A
Display10.1-inch color LCD touch screen
Sound AlarmWhen the alarm setting value is reached, the buzzer will sound; the sound pressure level at 1m directly in front (A-weighted) is greater than 65dB, less than 115dB
Indicator LightThere are corresponding indicator lights for main power supply, standby power supply, normal, alarm, fault and shielding
Control Function8-way switch output, 5-way freely configurable switch output and total switch output of fault, low alarm, high alarm, node capacity 5A 220VAC/30VDC
Input Signal4-20mARS485LoRa4GNB_IoT
Backup PowerLead-acid battery (24V, 7Ah). Under the condition of non-limit discharge, it can be fully charged in 24 hours.
DimensionWall-mounted (L420mm, W340mm, H153mm)
Operating Temperature(-10~45)℃
Operating Humidity≤95%RH non-condensing